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Civic Matters helps nonprofits, campaigns, and businesses tell documentary stories, moving people to political engagement, social discourse, and effective action.

Together, we’ll find and tell stories that move more people to join and support you in working for real change. As a full-service documentary production company, we manage the complete process for you.

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Concept and Story Development

How are you working for change? We partner with you to understand your mission, find compelling stories about your work, and create a plan to capture and share those stories.


Authenticity matters. We take the time to put people at ease and help them tell their stories with clarity and candor. And we keep our filming footprint small in order to capture authentic moments.

Distribution and Promotion

How will your audience see your story? We’ll help you prepare a distribution and promotion strategy, deliver your story across platforms, and then monitor analytics to adjust based upon what works.

Case Study

Empowering Women to Lead

WomenLead at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business

Nancy Mansfield had never hired a video production company. The director of WomenLead and a professor of legal studies, Mansfield knew she needed help introducing her program to business leaders and funders. So she put out a call for proposals, and, after a rigorous committee vetting process, the decision was unanimous.

“Everyone else told us we had to script the students for canned on-camera interviews,” says Mansfield. “But [Civic Matters director] Bart [Nason] had confidence in the quality of our program. He told us that he really wanted to get to know the students first, that it was worth his investment to capture their real voices in powerful ways.”

Civic Matters wove together the stories of three women, each with inspiring ambitions, as WomenLead gave them tools and connections they would need to succeed. We also interviewed business leaders who support the program.

WomenLead video at Georgia State Stadium
Civic Matters produced several videos targeted at different audiences and formats, including conferences, web, and social media. One video is also shown on the 78-foot wide video board at Georgia State Stadium during GSU Panthers football games.

We produced several versions of the documentary, at different lengths and for various targeted audiences. WomenLead uses the documentary to recruit students and to approach potential partners and donors. “Everyone I write to,” Mansfield says, “I tell them to go watch the video. That video tells the story better than a whole lot of words.”

WomenLead also shows the video at the orientation session for each cohort entering the program. “Every time, when the video ends, the students erupt in resounding applause,” says Mansfield. “They’re excited to be in the program. They’re inspired.”

Impressed by the transformational experience WomenLead creates for undergraduate women, the Commerce Club Foundation recently awarded the program a $200,000 grant. The grant will support expansion of WomenLead’s Atlanta Civic Leadership Initiative, which will empower women to be engaged and effective civic leaders.

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