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Civic Matters helps nonprofits, campaigns, and businesses tell documentary stories, moving people to public engagement, social discourse, and effective action.

We create video that moves people to support your mission

At Civic Matters, we believe in the power of real stories to move people to public engagement, social discourse, and effective action. Stories of people working hard to help others. Stories of the people they’re fighting for and of people fighting hard for themselves. Stories of people coming together and doing better.

Such stories, told with care and artistry, can transform our understanding and inspire us to action. That’s why we make moving documentaries for nonprofits, campaigns, and businesses that work for causes that matter. From concept and story development to production and distribution, we help clients share stories that move people to support and work for real change in the world.

Women gathered in a conference room, sitting at long tables and looking at a presentation off camera. The woman in the foreground is turned to her left, with her hand on her chin.
Civic Matters captures the moments that define your organization.

We manage every step of the video production
and distribution process

Concept and Story Development

What is your story? How can we best tell it to inspire your audience to support you? We partner with you to understand your mission and purpose, develop compelling stories about your people and your work, and create a plan to document and share those stories.

A womans's hands hold a pen and write in a notebook with sticky notes


Authenticity matters when you’re trying to move people to support you and work for real change. We keep our filming footprint small in order to capture authentic moments. We’ll thoroughly document the work you do without disrupting business. When we interview subjects, we take the time and care to put them at ease, and we help them tell their stories clearly. During the editing process, we emphasize substance over style, and we focus emotions that arise honestly from your story.

A mirrorless camera on a motorized gimbal stabilizer being used on a video shoot

Distribution and Promotion

How will your audience see your story? We’ll create a distribution and promotion strategy for you. We’ll plan and manage social media, sponsored content, and email marketing campaigns. And we’ll monitor analytics to help you adjust your strategy based upon what works.

A mobile phone with a video playing on the screen
WomenLead students walking through downtown Atlanta on the way to a corporate office visit

Case Study

We helped WomenLead introduce their program to business leaders

“Everyone else told us we had to script the students for canned on-camera interviews,” says Mansfield. “But [Civic Matters director] Bart [Nason] had confidence in the quality of our program. He told us that he really wanted to get to know the students first, that it was worth his investment to capture their real voices in powerful ways.”
Nancy Mansfield
Director of WomenLead at Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business

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